Evolving into San Francisco’s Chic and Luxurious Neighborhoods

Mission Bay, located just south of South Beach, lay mostly unused until 2004, when California voters passed Proposition 71, granting $3 billion to construct the new California Institute of Regenerative Medicine in the neighborhood. Since then, Mission Bay has seen rapid growth due to its ideal location, but also due to several Silicon Valley technology powerhouses taking root in the neighborhood. With thousands of condo units built, an array of high-end retail outlets, and all within close proximity to the heart of San Francisco, Mission Bay is a clear choice for many.

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The Neighbors

Luxurious dwellers, an active life-style and learning minds come together in this up-and-coming contemporary neighborhood.

What to Expect

Luxury apartment complexes, university campus buildings, bayside views and just across Mission Creek from AT&T Park

The Lifestyle

The heart of Orange & Black (Go Giants!), center of UCSF, plenty of restaurants and the location along the water provide an escape from the urbanity of San Francisco.

The Market

Luxury SF living at its core definition that comes at a hefty price. In close proximity to hip eateries, Giants games, coffee shops, and chic shops.


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