One of San Francisco’s Hottest Centers for Art, Nightlife, and Contemporary Living

Traditionally blue-collar, South of Market has set out on a gentrification path and appeals to young professionals who enjoy the hot vibe of the area and amazing proximity to downtown. The old warehouses have been converted into chic residential and live-work lofts that help the area retain its character.

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The Neighbors

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs rub elbows with well-read bohemian types, and museum curators share the sidewalks with ill-groomed individuals.

What to Expect

Abandoned warehouses swiftly being converted into lofts, hip bars, clubs and specialty coffee cafes. Connect to Silicon Valley with CalTrain as well.

The Lifestyle

Trendy section of the city as art galleries bloom in the day and chic bars effuse energy as the night wears on. Enjoy art galleries, beer pubs, and hear the crack of the bat in the distance with SoMA being the home of the Giants.

The Market

More condos sell in SoMa than anyplace in San Francisco. The market here has been heating up very rapidly with buyer demand, prices and luxury condo sales dramatically increasing in 2012 and continues to do so throughout 2013 and 2014.


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