Release Date: 2016 | Total Units: 41 | Listing Broker: Mark Company

450 Hayes is an upcoming 41 unit new development currently under construction in the mid-block lot between Hayes and Ivy. As part of the Market-Octavia Plan to rebuild Hayes Valley after the demolition of the Central Freeway, the project lot has a unique footprint calling for a unique solution. Developed by DM Development and DDG Partners, and designed by Handel Architects, the new project optimizes the trapezoidal building area to bring as much retail space and new homes to the neighborhood as possible.

The development, scheduled to complete in 2016, will consist of two low-rise buildings running along Hayes and Ivy streets and an internal courtyard, with commercial space split into two store fronts along Hayes Street. The internal courtyard divides the project in half lengthwise, and serves two purposes. It provides light, air and outdoor space to an optimal number of residential units on the interior of the building and links the two buildings via pedestrian bridges and stairs. An Ivy Street entrance and Hayes Street entrance will be available, making access easy to both buildings.

Unit Breakdown

450 Hayes will offer 24 one bedroom units, 16 two bedroom units, and 1 three bedroom unit. 5 units will be offered below market rate (3 one bedroom units, and 2 two bedroom units).


Handel Architects have provided designs for several mixed use projects currently under construction (325 Fremont, The Pacific) and have brought their stylistic flare to this unique project as well. The building features an offbeat rhythmic placement of floor to ceiling windows, and tasteful wood instead of more traditional concrete, to create an inviting, modern building. The lobby plays on the building’s unique geometry with a dramatic floor-to-ceiling trapezoidal pattern in wood and patterned metal. The building’s renders shows roof terraces on both buildings as well, so outdoor space will be plentiful at 450 Hayes.


450 Hayes will give residences access to a landscaped courtyard with seating, a rooftop terrace, and private terraces for some units. Units will also feature skylights, built-in 36” refrigerators, and built-in banquette seating. 450 Hayes will accommodate parking for up to 20 cars and storage for 42 bicycles.


Pricing has not been announced yet for 450 Hayes.

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