Todd listed our condo and we could not have been more pleased. At a time when another unit in our building and one next door had been sitting on the market for months and dropping their prices, Todd gave us a lot of great advice (that we thankfully listened to) and got us four fantastic offers in the week and a half it was listed.

Todd walked us through his thought process on how and when to list our condo. It was insightful and data-driven and took into account factors I wouldn’t have even considered.

Once we had a plan in place, that was when we really saw him go into action. Between him and his awesome sales assistant Melodie, they took care of so many details that I thought I would be dealing with. They arranged the movers and storage during staging. They found the house cleaners and carpet cleaners and got everything organized, scheduled, and even sat there while it was being done to make sure everything was done correctly. Letting me stay focused on my normal life was a benefit I didn’t expect.

He was also always there any time a prospective buyer was in the condo so that he could guide people through the home, and get a sense of interest and intent.

Todd is incredibly responsive, punctual and professional. He’s also kind and empathetic. He was there to answer any question we had, and at no point did I feel railroaded into any decision. I always felt comfortable to make my own choices, but his suggestions make so much sense that I can’t imagine not following his advice.

Also worth noting is that Todd has an excellent network. He knows all the other agents, he knows the stagers, and he knows all the loan officers at the banks. He will channel all of this into selling your home.

Do yourself a favor and work with Todd.