As president of my condo building’s owners association, I had watched closely as various realtors in the city had represented properties in our building over many years. None were as sharp and as effective as Todd Montgomery. On many occasions he proved just how incredibly attentive he was to not only the needs of his clients, but also the sensitivities and concerns of the neighbors (and the HOA) during the sales process. He established a great reputation for effectively marketing the properties that he sold in our building, and managed to shepherd through several deals even during a period when our building was in litigation with the builder over some roof repairs.

He also represented a few buyers coming into the building and he seemed every bit as committed to ensuring a smooth entry into our tightly-knit community for these new members of our building “family.”

So when my ex-husband and I were ready to put our condo on the market, we knew exactly who we wanted to call. He was prompt, respectful of our time, and made a clear and informative presentation that was rich with details of nearby “comps.” He exhibited an intimate knowledge of everything that was, had been, or was going to be on the market for 10 blocks in every direction, including all their pros and cons. He also had a detailed marketing plan and roadmap that helped us calibrate our expectations, including a time frame for all the pre- sale preparations (cleaning, staging, photos, etc.), costs (commissions, fees, other expenses), and more.

He was very honest in his assessments of the pluses and minuses of our condo, things that we should consider (repairs, painting, staging), and was armed with a range of approaches and solutions, always with an eye towards helping us understand why he was recommending a particular approach and how each element would address potential objections or concerns of prospective buyers. He presented us a couple of approaches to staging and helped walk us through the difficult decision to go with a higher-end (and costlier) staging approach, including showing us a lot of before/after images and demonstrating how they correlated to the kind of sale price we were looking to achieve.

Once we engaged him, he became a whirlwind of activity with a constant flow of information from himself and dedicated members of his team coordinating everything. The process of assembling paperwork and disclosures was a breeze thanks to his escrow expert, and his amazing assistant organized every detail of the move-out, the move-in of the staging, minor repairs, deep cleaning, etc. Either Todd or his assistant, and sometimes both of them, were on site every time something was being done, ensuring, a) that we didn’t have to lift a finger, and b) everything was being done to the highest standards and Todd’s exacting specifications.

In the end, the condo looked amazing, his marketing brought in SEVERAL DOZEN groups on the first open house weekend, and even at a time when the market was getting a little soft, he managed to whip agents and prospective buyers into a frenzy. He quickly identified qualified buyers and their agents, cultivated connections with them to learn what they were looking for and tailored an approach that guaranteed we’d have multiple offers by our deadline.

In just barely over one month from the day we engaged him, we were looking at four “clean,” highly competitive and very well qualified offers. We took the one that was more than 15% over asking price.
Todd made this process as effortless as possible, and his recommendations proved to be spot-on in every way. He is a consummate professional in everything he does. He crafts a plan and doesn’t force it on you, but rather brings you into it, factors in your concerns, gently guides you through his recommendations, and has built a team that executes his plans efficiently and with great consideration for your time and feelings. He was highly communicative and incredibly flexible. Most importantly he exuded the measured, restrained competence and confidence of an expert at the top of his field, and then proceeded to deliver on everything he promised.

There are any number of great realtors in this city. There are only a few that are exceptional. And even fewer that inspire such calm confidence throughout what can be one of the most scary, trying and stressful times of your life — and then delivers on a winning sales strategy that ends up exceeding your expectations. That’s Todd.