Recently, my partner and I had circumstances arise that required that we make a sudden decision to sell out loft. We did not have the luxury of taking “our sweet time” and thus found ourselves thrust into choosing a realtor. This was an important decision for us that required our situation to be handled in a very professional manner, bringing top price and most importantly closing within a short deadline!
We knew we were going to choose a realtor from Climb Real Estate Group. They had represented the two most recent sales in our building and had been very successful in marketing the units and bringing in the highest prices historically for our building. It is obvious that lofts and condos are their specialty.

I reviewed several of Climb’s agents and was quickly drawn to Todd Montgomery. I immediately had a great feeling about him and his work. Once I started reading the Yelp reviews, it was an obvious choice and I felt confidence with him from the moment I contacted him.

Very simply, we were RIGHT ON with our choice! I won’t go on and on with the particulars of our unique situation and how successfully and professionally he and his team handled each and every situation that arose, others have already done that. I will say that he listens to your concerns and desires and answers your questions with genuine attention. Most important is that Todd is a true gentleman and is a real pleasure to work with! He always communicates and acts with the highest degree of integrity and ethics. This is critical in real estate dealings, in my opinion. As I mentioned, he has an equally excellent team that coordinates with him seamlessly. Melodie leads the team and she is flawless in making certain that the entire process flows with minimal stress. Todd’s professionalism, knowledge and expertise truly make him the most outstanding realtor that we have worked with over the past several years.

What is there to say other than I most highly recommend Todd Montgomery to act as your quintessential real estate sales agent! You can read his other Yelp reviews and they are all unanimous in their rave reviews of him and his work. I 100% had the same experience and so if you are looking to have a similar experience, then you will want to use Todd. In closing, I should add that through Todd’s focus and hard work we received the highest price for any unit in our building’s history!!! What are you waiting for? Seriously!