I started working with Todd 4-5 months ago. I was immediately pleased with his professionalism and precision. He knew the market very well, had some great stories and great advice. Todd spent a good amount of time understanding my needs and crafting a strategy. He showed me some amazing places and gave great advice on the offers I made. We came very close a couple of times.

As we worked together, I realized he was quite well known – other agents knew him and respected him.
He eventually found me two fantastic units and then gave me some excellent tip on the offer to make. With his great advice, I was able to put together an offer that got me the place I truly wanted. Todd had excellent advice on comps, on pricing the offer (to perfection) and clearly knows the market extremely well.

Todd works super hard – I recall a day he was sick and we had to discuss the terms – he called me while sick, could barely speak but still spent time on advising me. I was amazed by his dedication. Thanks to Todd I got a place in a very short time and a place that I absolutely am delighted to own.
Here’s two reasons why I strongly endorse Todd – he is super professional, super hard working, always prompt, knows the market better than agents out there (I know, I tried others) and the most important – he has a lot of information and knowledge that is invaluable. (Ok, that’s 5 reasons, not 2 🙂 ).