Todd far and away exceeded my expectations of a realtor. He was knowledgable, helpful, and clearly great at what he does. As a first-time home buyer, every step of the process was new to me, but Todd walked me through everything with care and I was confident the whole time that I was in good hands and making the right decisions. Looking back I was amazed at how little stress I felt throughout the whole process.

Todd took the time to get to know me, and that really showed as we went to open houses and looked through a lot of listings together. He never pushed or pressured me, and was very accommodating to me and my schedule. I always felt like he was available and responsive to my questions.

With how crazy the market in San Francisco is today, working with Todd was also clearly an advantage through his knowledge of the different areas, personal connections with realtors and builders, and access to off market listings. It seemed like at most places we went he knew someone there and had very detailed information about it. I felt like if a place was coming up that was close to what I was looking for, Todd would make sure I knew about it.

After deciding to make an offer on a condo, Todd took the time to walk me through each of the next steps, including reviewing all of the paperwork, researching comparable properties in the area, and constructing the best offer. After the offer was accepted(!), Todd and his team continued to make sure that the process was as smooth as before. The lender (whom Todd also had connected me with) was great at every step, the escrow company was easy to work with, and before I knew it we were closed.

I highly recommend Todd as a realtor, and I’m confident that you would have a great experience with him as I did.