I began househunting 6 months ago, and rapidly became disenchanted with the process after bad or underwhelming experiences with 2 different agents. On my third try, I struck gold: I was fortunately introduced to Todd about 4 months ago, and just closed on a new house yesterday!

Prior to meeting Todd, I had been killing myself with the amount of time I was putting in on my own, sifting through endless Redfin listings and building elaborate spreadsheets to compare and track top candidates. It felt like a 2nd full-time job.

Once Todd and I began working together, my househunting experience improved dramatically. Not only does Todd clearly have a very sophisticated understanding of the SF market, superior to anyone I’ve ever dealt with to date, but he has also cultivated a far- reaching network of sources he can tap for anything ranging from off-market listings, to first-rate moving & storage services. The professional network alone was worth its weight in gold-because who has time to read 100 pages of highly polarized reviews (…sorry, Yelp…..) just to find trustworthy movers?

One of Todd’s best qualities is that he really listens to your requirements and understands the prioritization of what can/can’t be compromised on. And when I say he listens….he *really* listens. As in, he has a special discipline to not interject or talk over anyone, EVEN IF that is exactly what I’ve done myself a moment earlier in the conversation, or I’ve peppered him with rapid-fire questions. He just synthesizes it all in his head and then responds with serious solutions and actionable advice.

If you want a great agent who can maximize your chances of househunting success, and minimize the amount of horror you have to deal with—look no further, because Todd is one of the most highly regarded, distinguished leaders in his field.